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Mr Hussein Almosawi is a fully qualified independent prescribing pharmacist and is an expert in the medical aesthetics field using the most up to date techniques in non-surgical facial enhancements. Smart Aesthetic clinic is based in London fully licensed and insured to offer a range of services and treatments. Using only the highest quality of fillers and botulinium toxin we can really adapt the treatment to your needs. We offer a personalised cosmetic service from start to finish and support you in your aftercare needs. Typically, patients will come into the clinic and point to a specific line that they don’t like. Good practitioners shouldn’t just look at treating this specific line, but will look beyond the line at how the face looks as a whole (as treating an individual line might make the face look unnatural). The practitioner will discuss this with you during your free and no obligation consultation. 

If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing the new you!


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